ISIPTA ’11 in Innsbruck

by gertekoo

The accepted papers for the upcoming ISIPTA ’11 (Seventh International Symposium on Imprecise Probability: Theories and Applications, Innsbruck, Austria, 25-28 July 2011) are now available online, and can be downloaded.

I was the local organiser for the first ISIPTA, in Ghent in 1999, with Peter Walley, Serafin Moral, and Fabio Cozman as co-organisers. And I have been quite closely involved in most of the biennial follow-ups. It is one of my favourite conferences, and the best venue to meet people who take indecision, imprecision and indeterminacy in probability theory seriously.

This year’s edition has a special session in honour of Bruno de Finetti, who was born in Innsbruck in 1906. As will be discussed by Teddy Seidenfeld and Paolo Vicig, de Finetti’s attitude towards imprecision in probability theory was only lukewarm, to put it mildly. Nevertheless, many of his ideas have played a central part in the development of recent accounts of imprecise probabilities, and can be formulated quite elegantly using some its mathematical languages, notably coherent lower previsions and sets of desirable gambles. That will be one of the topics I intend to touch upon in my contribution to the special session. I’ll post the slides for my presentation here in due course.