“Science claims neither infallibility nor finality”

by gertekoo

I have often thought that the nature of science would be better understood if we called theories “misconceptions” from the outset, instead of only after we have discovered their successors. Thus we could say that Einstein’s Misconception of Gravity was an improvement on Newton’s Misconception, which was an improvement on Kepler’s. The neo-Darwinian Misconception of Evolution is an improvement on Darwin’s Misconception, and his on Lamarck’s… Science claims neither infallibility nor finality.

David Deutsch in The Beginning of Infinity.

I have loved reading this book because it is unsettling, thought-provoking, eye-opening, mind-changing, infuriating, stubbornly consistent, cocksure, demanding. Because it ridicules and confirms ideas I hate and ideas I love, and not always and not necessarily in that order.